Our Staff

Viktor Savitski- Owner/Head Coach

 Former Elite gymnast from Ukraine and National Team Member with a Masters Degree in Physical Education. 

During the past 20 years, he has coached an Olympic Bronze Medalist, Wendy Bruce, Olympians Morgan White, Mohini Bhardwej, and National Champion Ashley Shible. 

Many of his gymnasts have been awarded full college Scholarships. He coaches both: Optional and Compulsory Teams, directs and overseas all aspects of Victory Gymnastics training programs. When time permits, teaches recreational classes, as he enjoys all levels of coaching. Safety and CPR certified. 

Tracy Bartlett - Coach/ Rec. Program Director

Native Texan who began her gymnastics career at the age of 2. From the age of 9 until she was 12, she trained under the tutelage of Bela Karolyi as an optional gymnast. Following her career in gymnastics, Tracy became a high school cheerleader.

 In 1991, Tracy won the All-American High School Cheerleader award, presented by the National Cheerleading Association (NCA) and was invited to become an NCA instructor Tracy returned to her first love of teaching gymnastics in Texas where she became the preschool director at her gym. Tracy then moved to Jacksonville, NC in 1996 and became an Assistant Gym Director and Head Team Coach. She coached many state champions and helped several gymnasts through to the collegiate level. In 2001, Tracy moved to Tampa where she joined Gemini Gymnastics as Gym Director through 2004. Tracy is  Safety and CPR certified. 


Jordan Moss

Former Gymnast of 14 years and a Victory Gymnast for 7 years. She was coached by Head Coach Viktor, Tracy, and Philippe. She now coaches our recreational and team. 

Safety and CPR/AED Certified. 

Philippe Flegeau

 Champion gymnast from France with 20 years of instructional experience and a solid background in anatomy and first aid. Philippe is very knowledgeable technically, extremely detailed oriented and adept in assessing students’ skills and abilities when he coaches. Philippe coaches Compulsory and Optional Teams and encourages his gymnasts to set high goals, work very hard and have fun at the same time! 

Safety and CPR certified. 

Anna Purdy

Former Gymnast of 8 years. Practiced at Victory Gymnastics for 5 years. She was coached by Head Coach Viktor, Tracy, and Philippe. She is now returning to gymnastics as a coach of our recreational program.

Olivia King

Former Victory Gymnast of 8 years, now coach.  She was coached by Head Coach Viktor, Tracy, and Philippe. She now coaches recreational classes.

Jackie Banas

Current varsity cheerleader, with 10 years of cheerleading experience and tumbling. Coaches recreational classes.

Brooke Beaudin

Former Gymnast for 12 years at Victory. Started Gymnastics at the age of 3, at Victory Gymnastics. First group to be part of the first level 3 team at Victory. Coaches both recreational and team. 

Katelyn Meister

Alexandra Palomo

Presley Pettit